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Server Downtimes are devastating and can have very grave consequences if they are not resolved immediately. So, here are a few tips for increasing the server uptime for your company’s website.

In today’s world of progressing and advancing technologies, there are a lot of elusive goals. However, one of the most common, yet severe and dreaded target goals is Server Uptime. Keeping the organization’s servers up and running or at least ready to get into action as and when required, is the dream of all Data Centre leaders.

However, with incidents such as COVID-19, it is not very feasible for the staff to be present for taking care of the servers. Therefore, it is necessary that the servers are planned and set up in a way that it can withstand loads and gives maximum server uptime.

During this global pandemic, a lot of websites are facing significant issues in keeping their servers up and running smoothly. Many of the giant e-commerce websites have hundreds and thousands of people in the queue to access the website. Such slow servers and response time can frustrate the customers and thus resulting in the loss of business for the website. Therefore, having the capacity to handle such traffic inflow while keeping the server working intact is vital.

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Careful Planning

The IT team should make sure that regular checks are conducted on system configurations and maintenance schedules. Server acquisitions and upgrades should be scheduled well in advance and coordinated while keeping track of the system availability as well as the performance. This can greatly help in increasing the server uptime.

Conduct routine Preventive Maintenance

It is always better to pay a small cost now than paying a high cost later. Conducting regular Preventive Maintenance is one of the best and effective ways to ensure server reliability. With regular and effective Preventive Maintenance, the servers stay in good condition, and any issue in the same can be identified and dealt with at an early stage.

Implement an efficient Business Continuity solution

Without proper oversight, reaching out to the root of a problem causing server downtime isn’t possible. Having an efficient Business Continuity solution and other monitoring tools can help in measuring the downtime’s effects and avoid it altogether.

Pay attention to your Cyber-security

Cyber-security can be one of the prime factors which affect your server uptime. Implementing advanced and effective anti-malware products, firewalls and other security tools can go a long way in securing your business from frequent server downtimes.

Upgrade your servers regularly

Sticking to using an old physical server can sometimes prove to be a massive mistake as the server gets older. Therefore, it is wise to change servers at regular intervals to make sure that there is no compromise in the quality or the performance. You can choose to shift to a new physical server or a combination of a cloud server and physical server as well.

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