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21 years of Google - How has Google changed the world

21 years of Google and how has it changed the world

In September 2019, we have witnessed 21 years of Google transforming the world. To know how Google has transformed the way people use IT continue reading.

In September 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin came together to start Google. Both being classmates at Stanford University, they first started Google out of their University Dorm. Soon, the IT department of the University asked them to move to a real office as they were sucking up almost the entire bandwidth of the University. Since then, Google started growing by leaps and bounds.


21 years of Google


Other than being the top search engine, Google has brought about significant revolutions in a lot of different fields as well. In the 21 years of Google, we have witnessed drastic differences on the Internet. Google has made even the impossible, possible today!

   Here are the fields where Google has brought about major changes with passing time:

1] Search Engine

Earlier, the only source of knowledge that people had were books and other people. If there were anything you needed an answer for, you would have to either find a book or a person related to your question to help you. But, Google decided to compile all the information that was available from almost any corner of the world in one place. Today, Google is the answer to nearly every doubt or query that you have. Solutions for any tough questions to something as simple as “how should I drink water” can be found on Google.

2] Google based Marketing

Google has made it easy for companies to market their products or services without much hassle. Earlier, even if the Internet was present, advertising on the Internet was tough and expensive. But, thanks to Google, the scenario has completely changed today. With a few clicks of some buttons, you will be able to market your product or service efficiently. Google has been giving a lot of free services like Gmail, Search Engine, Storage, and many other services. In return, Google requires you to watch the advertisements that are placed alongside the website.

3] Android OS

One of the most common mobile operating systems today is Android OS. In 2005, Google acquired Android INC along with the key employees for close to $50 million. Google has also provided a lot of services for Android OS, such as the Google Play Store and other Google Play services.

4] Cloud Storage

Earlier, if you wanted to store your data, you had to make use of physical infrastructure and other devices to copy and store your data. However, Google has now made it possible for you to carry all your data along with you wherever you go without actually using a lot of storage on your phone. Google Docs, Google Drive, etc. are some of the most common options which can be used for data storage today.

Thus, Google has brought about significant changes in the way people used to interact with IT. It has made the Internet easy-to-use for anyone and everyone around the world. But this is not all; Google is still experimenting and coming out with new technologies that can make the lives of people even better. They have been making efforts to create an entire world on the Internet and will continue to do so.

At today’s pace of the growth in technology, Google will bring about many more changes in the way people make use of the Internet in the upcoming years. AI is one of the fastest-growing technologies today. Therefore, Google will be making use of AI in a lot of software and technologies in the future.

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