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Redundancy for Baggage Management System l Quantum Aviation

Redundancy for Baggage Handling Systems

Baggage Management has become a huge concern for a lot of companies who deal with transportation and management of people’s baggage. Know how Open Minds HAS has implemented an efficient Baggage Handling System for our of our partners, thus simplifying their processes greatly.

Travel has become a vital part of people’s life. People travel for all kinds of reasons, right from leisure to even work. Luggage is one of the most important factors when they are travelling as luggage is essential for passengers. Carrying luggage is a great deal while travelling on a flight. This is because they cannot take much of their luggage with them while on a plane. The airport staff has to make sure that the luggage is delivered correctly to the passengers.

Need for Baggage Management


Baggage Management


Delivering the luggage of the passengers from one place to another might seem to be an effortless task. But, things can go wrong even quickly. Considering the concerns of the passengers about their baggage, Baggage Management is the priority and platform of investment for the airlines and the airports. Thus, with the technological advancements in the Aerospace sector, Baggage Handling has become one of the major concerns as this helps the passengers to travel hassle-free.

Quantum Aviation Solutions, who happens to be one of our partners, is an airline company focusing on solutions for transfer and transportation of various baggage – both professional and private, across many airports around the world. They are currently making use of Quantum BMS, implemented simultaneously with Quantum BRS. This allows them to provide a customised and efficient baggage transport system. Quantum’s focus, after having a decade long experience, is to enhance the airport’s operational processes by transforming the Baggage Management Services. One of Quantum’s flagship product is BagSuite. BagSuite offers a very user-friendly, accurate and cost-effective baggage information monitoring solution. There is another service which is offered known as the ‘PAXTrack’, which is a data collection and analysis solution. It provides the complete passenger tracking information from check-in at the departure until the check-out at the arrival. This helps them in enhancing customer care services by supervising the passengers’ experiences.

“We deliver robust solutions through our hosting system, which enables small airports, airlines and ground handlers to use the scalable software and help companies to attain the target”, explains Kennedy, the President, and CEO of Quantum Aviation Solutions.

The unparalleled experience of Quantum in handling the baggage system has made them the undisputed leader of the market. All their products are based on the CAPEX model. This helps them to complete the deployment process – right from building the software to even selling the technical support. In the future, Quantum is planning to expand its business operations in countries like Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The main aim of the company is to become the Global Enterprise. The company intends to do so by increasing its potentials and investing in the infrastructure and service conveyance.

We have been developing such solutions for many international brands and helping them in carrying out their business functions smoothly. For over two decades, we have been the top choice for many high-end organisations. We have been the top choice of many brands for the quality of work that we have been delivering. We have a team of highly trained and qualified experts who have years of expertise in the industry. Our team keep themselves up-to-date with the latest market trends and advancements. We create all our solutions, keeping in mind all the technical improvements and requirements of the business. This is the reason our software fits the requirement of your company perfectly.

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