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Benefits of Windows SANless Cluster


Windows SANless Cluster software for SIOS allows you to create a cluster which only makes use of the local storage. It includes high performing PCIe-based flash or SSD storage. This software eliminates the need to buy any costly SAN hardware and the risk of SAN single-point-of-failure. Also, the company just has to pay a very small part of the cost incurred for a SAN-based solution to get protection from downtime, significantly faster performance thus getting more productive end-users.


SIOS software is of great importance when it comes to the business. It helps in simplifying the management and monitoring process of the company’s IT infrastructure.


Benefits of using Windows SANless Cluster:


Windows SANless Cluster


Stated below are a few ways that SIOS software will do good to your company.


It will eliminate performance bottlenecks:

A simple cost-efficient way to add performance to your application or database is to make use of High-Speed local storage solutions such as PCIe-based flash or SSD Disk. However, if you wish to use these host-based storage solutions in traditional shared storage cluster configurations, it won’t be possible. Windows SANless clusters do not require the shares storage for providing high availability and disaster protection as they deliver real-time block-level replication to synchronise the local storage on both primary as well as the standby servers.


Windows SANless Cluster configuration has never been this easy:

SIOS software is highly flexible and has been created to enable firms to use them in their infrastructure regardless of their current one.


SIOS allows you to build a SANless cluster with your choice of:

a] Operating System (Windows or Linux).

b] Industry Standard Hardware

c] Number of Nodes ( 2-32 )

d] Deployment/workload distribution (active/active, active/passive)

e] Replication Schemas (N-to-1 or 1-to-N)

f] Storage Options (HDD, SSD, iSCSI, FC)

In addition to this, you can even customise it to create a combination that suits your needs in the best way possible. You can also build a cluster by using a Flash-based SSD or PCIe disk. These clusters make use of real-time block-level replication to synchronise this high-performance storage for the purpose of high availability and disaster protection.


Simple to use:

The easy to use and interactive interface of SIOS allows the user to configure and start using a SANless cluster in a fraction of minutes. With the help of a User-Friendly management console, SIOS helps you to monitor and manage your clusters with ease. It also allows monitoring the status of protects servers, resources, communication paths and applications with the utmost ease.


If you are planning to get this software for your business or want to know more before you decide, get in touch with us today. With more than two decades of industry experience, we have been delivering the top quality services to some of the biggest companies in the world. Click here to get in touch with us today!



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