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Know how BMS Redundancy for Airports can help in secure management

BMS Redundancy for Airports

With the Airports dealing with more and more traffic everyday, BMS Redundancy for Airports has now become very crucial. Know how the BMS Redundancy for Airports can play an important role in managing their day to day operations.

There is an estimate that close to 6 million people fly on aeroplanes daily. With the airways becoming such a standard mode of travelling, the aviation department should ensure the safety and security of the passengers.

To continue operating smoothly and efficiently, airports are continually adopting new and advanced technologies. However, with the kind of workflow that happens on the airports every day, things can go wrong pretty soon.

How can a BMS System be used at an Airport?

BMS Redundancy for Airports

For any organisational building with so many people going in and out every day, an efficient BMS is a must.  A Building Management System (BMS) helps in actively managing and monitoring the core functions of the building.

In the Airport, the following are the core functions:

1] Passenger Experience & Baggage Handling

For an airport to function well, all the functions of the Airport must function well in an efficient manner. Right from handling the runway operations to the in-air operations, all the systems need to be highly advanced and capable. This helps in delivering an exceptional passenger experience.

Also, for handling the Baggage of the passengers efficiently and correctly, an efficient system is required.

2] Architectural Excellence

To ensure that an Airport building stays up and running without any issues, advanced technologies need to be implemented. To take care of the areas of an Airport from the landslide to airside, advanced solutions are constantly being implemented. 

3] Reliability Concerns

An Airport needs to cater to the need of the huge number of passengers going in and out of the Airport. With the footfall at the Airport increasing daily, the Airport required frequent infrastructure updates.

The Need for BMS Redundancy for Airports

The server on which the data is stored needs to be safeguarded for uninterrupted operations. In this, the Open Minds HAS BMS can help the Airport.

Our software stays right on the BMS server while replicating the data in real-time. Then, our solution moves the replicated data and stores it on another server. Using High Availability or Disaster Recovery, this server is replicated onto the same site or the other site respectively. As a result, a failover scenario is initiated, and when this happens, the secondary server takes over the primary server. Therefore, the downtime remains close to little or even zero.

With such an efficient BMS in place, the customers will have a great experience of travelling. Right from temperature control to Baggage handling to even travelling within the Airport, everything comes smooth and convenient. Other than that, such efficient BMS ensures that there are no issues or lags while upgrading the infrastructure. An efficient BMS also assists in reducing the costs related to the consumption of energy.

Open Minds HAS has been one of the leading and the most trusted names in the BMS industry. With more than twenty years of experience in the industry, we have created our own BMS system, which makes use of the latest market technology. Our BMS solution is very robust and helps in maintaining the smooth function of your organisation.

If you wish to know more about our BMS, get in touch with us today by clicking here.

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