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Know how BMS Redundancy for Prison can be useful for the Prison

BMS Redundancy for Prison

Know how the BMS Redundancy for Prison can help in the efficient management of the daily Prison operation.

Every country has its laws and regulations, and the people in the country are bound to abide by those laws. All the laws and regulations are made, keeping in mind the safety of the citizens in the country. However, if someone tries to break the law and regulations, the person should be arrested so that society can stay safe and away from any danger.

Prisons are an integral part of a nation’s security and law and order. Every state/country has several different prisons wherein the people who have committed some petty or grave crimes are kept. High-end security and safety need to be implemented in these prisons as the safety of the citizens depends only on the protection of these prisons. But, with the kind of security that is implemented in prison, a small mistake can have severe repercussions.

How can a BMS System be used in a Prison?

BMS Redundancy for Prison

An efficient BMS is required in every building, which has multiple functions to focus on every day. Such a system helps in the efficient management and monitoring of the building’s critical functions.

In prison,  the following are the critical/core functions:

1] Building Security

The essential function of a Prison is to keep the Prisoners and the other staff safe and secure. To ensure this, they have to make sure that all the functions related to the proper functioning of the prison are implemented well. Advanced monitoring and security systems are implemented to ensure that no prisoners escape the prison or have unwanted access to restricted areas.

All these measures together help in the efficient management and operations of the prison.

2] Architectural Excellence

The infrastructure of a Prison is very crucial, as it is one of the most critical factors of a Prison. Properly managing and handling the requirements and security of all the rooms and sections of the prison is very crucial.

3] Energy Consumption

With the continuous and rigorous use of Prisons and other related systems daily, energy consumption is a huge matter of concern. Implementing an efficient BMS would help in reducing the energy-related costs for Prison management.

The Need for BMS Redundancy for Prison?

The server on which the data is stored needs to be kept safe for safe and uninterrupted operations of the prison. The Open Minds HAS solution can help the prison in handling this situation.

Our software sits right on the BMS server and replicates this data in real time onto another server. It provides High Availability by replicate this data onto the same site or Disaster Recovery by replicating it to a different site. Then, when a failover scenario is implemented, the secondary server takes over the primary server. This ensures that there is very little or zero downtime. 

Having an efficient BMS System in place in prison will make the management easy for the staff. Every single factor, right from temperature control to secure access to continuous and strict monitoring, everything is taken care of by our system. Our system also ensures that the carbon footprint of the prison is reduced drastically and does not face any issues in the operations.

About Open Minds HAS

Open Minds HAS is one of the leading service providers in the UK and the Middle East. Our robust and comprehensive BMS solution is made using the latest technology in the market. With our sturdy and efficient automation solution, you wouldn’t have to worry about protecting or managing your organisation.

To know more about how our BMS can help your organisation, get in touch with us by clicking here.

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