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BMS Redundancy System for Hotels ensures 100% efficient management

BMS Redundancy System for Hotels

Know how BMS Redundancy System for Hotels is helping in simplifying and efficient management of the daily operations of the hotel.

There are more than 9800 hotel businesses in the UK, generating total revenue of 17.4 billion British pounds. All of these hotels are trying to stay on top in terms of providing services, consumer satisfaction and growth in the economy.

To stay at the top in this race, they are continually adopting new and advanced technologies. This has brought about a significant improvement in the efficiency of their operations. However, all it takes to bring a business down is one wrong decision or incident.

How can a BMS System be used in a Hotel?

BMS Redundancy System for Hotels

Every huge building which deals with a lot of people and critical functions must have a BMS System in place. A Building Management System (BMS) is the system that controls and coordinates all the core functionalities of the building.

In a Hotel, following are the core functions:

Operational Competence

In every hotel, efficient use of energy is one of the main aspects. With the help of a capable BMS, the hotel will be able to handle crucial functions such as critical loads, standard loads, demand response loads, clean energy generation and EV charging. The BMS will assist in correcting the power factor, optimising the voltage and renewables for the best possible operations and gains.

The hotel should make use of products that are of industry-leading quality for fire and electric shock resistance. While doing this, they should ensure the availability of power, as it can be beneficial for them.

Guest Accommodation

For the guests that stay in the hotel, the hotel should ensure that there are necessary measures in place to address the customer issues. A good BMS system will help in monitoring and controlling energy consumption and identifying and addressing the maintenance needs. The hotel should also be able to facilitate maid service requests with ease and troubleshoot problems remotely.

Secure Building Management and Operations

Every hotel needs proper surveillance and 24×7 monitoring in the building. An efficient BMS can be used as a single technology platform for monitoring and control of all systems. It can help the hotel in native integration with power, lighting, guest room, security and HVAF control systems. Also, embedded open protocols for the integration of third party systems like Property Management can be implemented.

Waiting Area Management

With an efficient BMS system, the lightings of the hotel, climate control and other functions can be controlled with ease. Other functions such as audio, video, projector control, space join/divide, high-power dimming, elevators, HVAC etc. can be integrated into one single Building Management System.

The Need for BMS Redundancy for Hotels

Even the best BMS in the world would be useless if the server that is used to store all the parameters and data were lost or failed. In such cases, the solution of Open Minds HAS come in handy.

The Open Minds HAS software sits on the BMS server and replicates the data in real-time. This data is replicated in real-time on to another server either on the same site providing High Availability or off-site providing Disaster Recovery. When the main BMS server fails, a failover scenario is initiated. When this happens, the secondary server will take over the role of the primary one, thus ensuring little to no downtime.

Such a system allows the customers to set room temperatures and control the lights as per their needs. The hotel staff can ensure that all the systems for the convenience of the guests are up and running all the time. Other than this, the system also helps in cutting down costs related to energy consumption.

How does Open Minds H.A.S help in a BMS environment?

After installing and activating the BMS system, we configure our HAS solution in an energy-efficient way. We can work with the existing infrastructure which leaves the hotel with a very low additional carbon footprints and a lower cost point.

It is said, “Good BMS systems are the backbone of smart buildings.”  Open Minds HAS has been providing a BMS system to companies across the UK and Middle East for more than two decades. Our BMS system uses the latest technology and is more than capable of safeguarding a building. This system connects the building systems to equipment instantly. There are no delays in automated alarms and alerts because of real-time collaboration technology in hand. It also helps the environment, along with reducing energy costs. 

To know more about our Business Management System redundancy solution, get in touch with us by clicking here.

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