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DB2 Recovery Kit - SIOS Protection Suite for Linux

DB2 Recovery Kit

In today’s day and age, humankind’s proficiency in making various technological advancements is unparalleled. With every passing day, more and more efforts are being put in by humans to develop technology, gadgets and solutions which can revolutionise the way things function currently.

DB2 is a database product that includes all the database servers and is a rational database which is developed by IBM. DB2 has designed for the purpose of storing, analysing and retrieving the data efficiently. DB2 product extends with the help of Object-Oriented features and non-relational structures with XML. It serves several operating system platforms that are leading in terms of performance and share in the market.

SPS for Linux DB2 Recovery Kit

DB2 Recovery Kit

Since DB2 is a large platform, robust protection is indeed desired. The SPS for Linux DB2 Recovery Kit contains fault resilient protection for DB2 database instances. The LifeKeeper, with the help of the DB2 Universal Database product family, offers high availability to DB2 operating environments. This availability is done, by effectively recovering database server fails without significant down-time or human intervention.

In version 8 and higher, DB2 UDB Enterprise Edition (EE) and Enterprise-Extended Edition (EEE) have combined into a single product named DB2 UDB Enterprise Server Edition (ESE). The LifeKeeper for Linux DB2 Recovery Kit contains protection for the database manager in the EE, WE, and WSE environments. The Linux DB2 recovery kit provides the database partition servers in an EEE environment. LifeKeeper provides the configuration and switchover of a given application across multiple servers.

To define the DB2 Administration Server for each machine, the user may elect within the LifeKeeper cluster. When the DB2 Administration server is defined, LifeKeeper will attempt to initiate the DB2 Administration Server as a function of the DB2 hierarchy create and restore operations.

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