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Disaster Recovery protection for windows by Open minds

SIOS Protection Suite for Windows


Organisations which use windows server should have Disaster Recovery Protection for windows. It is done to keep their data safe and protected. Organisations which make use of Microsoft Windows Server need secure High Availability Solutions for securing their data. To know the need and importance of a Disaster Recovery Solution for an organisation, keep reading.


Disaster recovery protection for windows


Disaster Recovery


Prevent Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) with the help of our Windows failover cluster manager, the server-based applications of your organisation can attain High Availability with ease. The solution is highly flexible and user-friendly. Along with high availability, the windows failover cluster manager provides disaster recovery protection for SQL Server applications. Our efficient solution functions in any combination of physical, virtual, cloud, or hybrid cloud infrastructures.


Generally, High Availability Clustering requires very costly and complex shared storage SANs. Our Windows Failover Clustering solution eliminates the need for SAN storage to create an Enterprise-Class High Availability Cluster. This cost-effective SANless Cluster Solution will help your organisation with increased availability and thus improved productivity.


SIOS Protection Suite for Windows


Disaster Recovery


We provide SIOS Protection Suite for Windows to our customers who want to avoid using WSFC. This solution can be used for any windows application and will create a SIOS windows cluster. It provides world-class reliability for mission-critical applications.


SIOS Protection Suite (SPS) for Windows leverages over a decade of experience with high availability platforms by providing customers with an ability to cluster multiple servers. It also makes it possible to monitor and restore server-based applications. In the event of a failure, SIOS SPS for Windows recovers all network interfaces, data and applications. This solution leads to high availability, thus reducing the loss of business. One of the best features of SIOS Protection Suite for Windows is the automatic recovery and transparency to the clients.


In addition to this, SIOS Protection Suite for Windows enables continuous operations during planned downtime as well as in the event of a system or application failure. With SPS, the amount of downtime required for frequent maintenance tasks and upgrades is significantly reduced or eliminated.


Open Minds provide High Availability Solutions for Microsoft Windows Server to various organisations. Our trusted failover cluster manager helps organisations with Disaster Recovery Protection for SQL Server applications. Improve your organisation’s productivity by reducing downtime with our advanced, cost-effective solutions.


If you wish to know about possible Disaster Recovery Solutions for your organisation, get in touch with us using the contact form given below. Our team will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours.


To know more about the Disaster Recovery process, click here.

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