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Linux SPS Software l New Version of Linux SPS Software

New Version of Linux SPS

The newer versions of Linux SPS software has been launched. Know the updates, advancements and changes which are present in the new software.

We are living in an era of rapidly developing technology. The proficiency of the human race in making various technological advancements nowadays is unparalleled. The high-tech social juggernaut keeps advancing, with new devices and mechanisms coming to light each day. These advancements have brought about a significant change in the way technologies in various organisations and businesses used to function in the past.

With the launch of new versions of the SIOS Protection Suite, further support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux SPS Version 9.3.2 has been introduced.


Linux SPS


The new version of Linux has a SIOS Protection Suite for Linux that now supports IBM MQ 9.1, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 and Open JDK v10.02. Even the s-option for saving the current setup configuration has been added to the setup command. For the operation of this version of Linux SPS software, the installation of SPS software is a compulsion. The product description of SPS is as follows:

 1.   LifeKeeper for Linux:

LifeKeeper for Linux includes the software for automatic detection and recovery that provides High Availability for various applications and processes running on Linux. By the use of LifeKeeper software for Linux, a given application can be switched over and configured across multiple servers. Moreover, switchover protection is provided for a range of system resources.

2.   DataKeeper for Linux:

The primary function of the DataKeeper is to replicate volume-based synchronous or asynchronous data. The health of the underlying system components is monitored. For further administration and monitoring, it gets integrated into the LifeKeeper’s Graphical User Interface.

Linux SPS runs only on the 64-bit systems. There are various installable packages present in the SPS Core like LifeKeeper Core, DataKeeper Core, LifeKeeper GUI, SPS IP Recovery Kit, etc.

The SPS web client runs on a platform that provides support for JRE8, i.e. Java Runtime Environment, update 51. Linux currently supports platforms like Firefox and Internet Explorer, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Vista JRE update.

The other Linux distributions are derived from either other Linux derivatives or derivatives of GNU/Linux. The SPS for Linux image file provides a set of installations scripts designed to perform user-interactive setup tasks that are necessary when installing SPS on your system.

The advantage of the SPS software core is that they also release the Recovery Kit with it. Also, it provides a menu-driven definition of resources for automatic switchover.

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