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LVM Recovery Kit - SIOS Protection Suite for Linux

LVM Recovery Kit

Everyone wants their data to be kept safe and secure in every conceivable way. Logical volume management (LVM) provides a method of defining space on mass-storage devices that is more flexible than conventional partitioning schemes to store volumes. In Linux, LVM is a device-mapper target that contains logical volume management for the Linux kernel. LVM is currently the standard volume management product included with all of the major Linux distributions.

Logical volumes can access as regular block devices. They may use by file systems or any application that can operate directly with a block device. Logical Volume Managers are primarily used to simplify storage management. File systems or applications use logical volumes that are created by partitioning volume groups. These Volume groups consist of the aggregation of one or more physical disk partitions or disks.

SPS for Linux LVM Recovery Kit

LVM Recovery Kit

The SIOS Protection Suite (SPS) for Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) Recovery Kit helps logical volume support for other SPS Recovery Kits. Thus, SPS-protected applications take benefits of the advantages offered by the Logical Volume Manager. Also, LVM simplifies storage management and the ability to dynamically re-size volumes as needs change.

The LVM Recovery Kit is different from other SPS Recovery Kits. It is never used alone but is used as a dependency of another SPS resource. As such, many of the operations typically associated with an SPS Recovery Kit are not directly applicable to the LVM Recovery Kit.

The LVM Recovery Kit uses the commands provided by the LVM package to manage the volume group and logical volume resources in an SPS hierarchy. Volume groups and logical volumes can configure (or activate) when an SPS hierarchy brings in service. A failover or switchover operation can un-configure while a regime is taken out of service.

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