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MD Recovery Kit - SIOS Protection Suite for Linux Software RAID

MD Recovery Kit

Today, every single piece of data that is kept in the system has to be safe and secure. Thus, for uniform storage, a seamless system is also required. RAID, Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, is a technology that enhances the performance and even accountability of the data storage. In a RAID system, two or more drives work parallel to each other. Software RAID is primarily used to provide data redundancy where hardware RAID, i.e. storage replication, is not practical or feasible.

Multiple Device (MD) drivers are the standard Linux software RAID products included with all of the major Linux distributions at present. Linux software RAID allows two or more physical disks and disk partitions to be grouped to form virtual devices. Virtual devices can gain access to regular block devices. It can also be used by file systems or any application that can operate directly with a block device. Virtual devices can consist of the aggregation of single or multiple physical disk partitions or disks.


SPS for Linux MD Recovery Kit


MD Recovery Kit


The SIOS Protection Suite (SPS) for Linux Software RAID (MD) Recovery Kit contains software RAID support for other SPS recovery kits. As such, any other application can also take advantage of the benefits offered by the software RAID. Like, including cost data redundancy, data replication, or even a SAN and simplified storage management. The Software RAID Recovery Kit is unique from other SPS recovery kits. This uniqueness is because, in that, it will never use alone, but always as a dependency of another SPS resource. Many of the operations typically associated with an SPS recovery kit which are not directly applicable to the Software RAID Recovery Kit.

The SPS Software RAID (MD) Recovery Kit provides the support which helps to enable other SPS recovery kits to operate correctly with Linux software RAID virtual devices. To achieve this support, the Software RAID Recovery Kit installs two new resource types: MD and mdComponent. These two resources correspond to virtual devices and each partition or disk is configured in the virtual device. These resources exist solely for internal use so that other SPS resources can operate with ease. The Software MD Recovery Kit uses the “mdadm” command provided by the mdadm package to manage the virtual device resources in an SPS hierarchy.

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