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MySQL Recovery Kit - SIOS Protection Suite for Linux MySQL Recovery

MySQL Recovery Kit

Today, MySQL is, undoubtedly, the world’s most popular open-source database. Many Linux distributions contain one at least version of the MySQL server. It is also possible to gain access to MySQL from the applications and programs on Linux.

The LifeKeeper product contains fault detection and recovery software that supports High Availability for file systems, network addresses, applications, and processes that are being executed on Linux. LifeKeeper Recovery Kit becomes a requirement if the remote clients will be accessing the MySQL database, it provides the configuration and switchover of a given application over multiple servers and supports protection for a range of system resources.

SIOS Protection Suite for Linux MySQL Recovery Kit

Linux MySQL Recovery Kit

The SIOS Protection Suite for Linux MySQL Recovery Kit helps LifeKeeper with fault‑resilient protection in an easy way to add MySQL resources and databases. This enables a failure on the primary database server to be recovered. It also recovers the designated backup server without significant loss of time or human intervention. The SPS for Linux is supported on any Linux platform that meets the minimum requirements.

The configured SPS contains essential information not detailed in the formal LifeKeeper and DataKeeper documentation. Details such as package versions and last-minute changes to instructions and procedures can be found there. The servers on which the application is configured are assigned priorities to determine the sequence. The application will move from server to server in the event of multiple failures.

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