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NAS Recovery Kit - SPS for Linux NAS Recovery Kit

NAS Recovery Kit

Network-attached Storage (NAS) is a pledge file storage that allows multiple users and varying client devices to retrieve data from a centralised disk capacity. All the users who use a local area network (LAN), can access the shared storage via a standard Ethernet connection.

LifeKeeper for Linux NAS Recovery Kit

The LifeKeeper for Linux NAS Recovery Kit provides fault resilience for Network File System (NFS) software in a LifeKeeper surrounding. The NAS Recovery Kit manages LifeKeeper clients/users and provides the opportunity to employ an exported NFS file system as the storage basis for LifeKeeper hierarchies.

The Recovery Kit allows the creation of LifeKeeper resource hierarchies on the LifeKeeper protected servers or users that have mounted an exported Network File System (NFS) from either a Network Attached Storage device or an NFS server in the cluster. When a failure occurs on the node in the group where the exported file system is mounted, then this involves a failover to the pre-decided backup node.

Once the exported file system is imported on to a LifeKeeper server or user, it is fully utilised as an additional storage basis for LifeKeeper hierarchies. When you select to use an exported file system as a storage medium, LifeKeeper doesn’t require you to protect the server where the file system is shipped. Moreover, to achieve a superior degree of availability, users are encouraged to use the LifeKeeper for Linux NFS Server Recovery Kit to protect the server from failure where the file system has exported.

While the NAS Recovery Kit gives several advantages, the two most important benefits are the elimination of the need for costly shared-storage devices and the capability to have multi-node cluster configurations. The File System Recovery Kit is available for the NAS Recovery, which can be created using the current Resource hierarchies existing with the LifeKeeper Core product.

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