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Preparing for Brexit

Companies are busy in the preparation for Brexit. There are lot of things which need to be taken care of. Know what is to be done while preparing for Brexit

GDPR Mega Fines

Mammoth GDPR fines were levied on Marriot INC and British Airways for Data Breach and Leak issues. Know more about the huge fines here.

Bespoke Application Redundancy

Bespoke applications are the tailor-made tools that are developed as per the requirement of the clients. Know how can it be beneficial for your organisation

New Version of Linux SPS

The newer versions of Linux SPS software has been launched. Know the updates, advancements and changes which are present in the new software.

Redundancy for Baggage Handling Systems

Baggage Management has become a huge concern for a lot of companies who deal with transportation and management of people's baggage. Know how Open Minds HAS has implemented an efficient Baggage Handling System for our of our partners, thus simplifying their processes greatly.