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SIOS Protection Suite PostgreSQL Server Recovery Kit

PostgreSQL Recovery Kit

PostgreSQL is an efficient and robust open source object-relational database system that makes use of and extends the SQL language along with many features. These features help in storing and scaling the most complex data workloads securely. It is capable of handling various types of workloads – right from single machines to data warehouses or Web services with many concurrent users.

PostgreSQL is the default database for the macOS server and is also available for Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Windows. Since its initiation, PostgreSQL has become one of the most advanced open-source Object-Relational Database Management Systems.

SPS PostgreSQL Server Recovery Kit


PostgreSQL Recovery Kit


The SPS PostgreSQL Server Recovery Kit software lets you tie the data integrity of PostgreSQL-based databases to the increased availability supported Open Minds Protection Suite for Windows. The LifeKeeper GUI allows you to create a PostgreSQL resource hierarchy. The SIOS Protection Suite can then protect all of the disk resources easily, which are used by the PostgreSQL Server. Additionally, the LifeKeeper network resources always get access to the database, which is used by the clients.

The SPS PostgreSQL Server Recovery Kit is a SQL compliant, object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) based on POSTGRES. The Recovery Kit supports a mechanism for protecting PostgreSQL instances within the LifeKeeper. The PostgreSQL software, LifeKeeper Core, and PostgreSQL Recovery Kit are installed on two or more servers in a cluster.

Once the PostgreSQL database instance is under LifeKeeper protection, users/clients connect to the database using a LifeKeeper protected IP address. The LifeKeeper protected IP address must be designed separately. In case, if the PostgreSQL server fails, LifeKeeper will first attempt to recover it on the local server. If the local recovery fails, then LifeKeeper will failover to a backup server.

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