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Response of companies during COVID-19 Work from Home scenario

Top initiatives by companies during COVID-19

     COVID-19 is one of the most dangerous and dreaded Pandemics that the world has seen in this century. With over one million affected people and seventy thousand deaths, COVID-19 has taken a severe toll on the personal and professional lives of people.

     For public safety, almost all companies during COVID-19 have stopped working from offices. Many companies have started adopting a work-from-home culture so that their operations do not come to a standstill. However, with all the companies, businesses and other activities coming to a standstill, the economy has been critically shaken.

How are companies coping during COVID-19?

     The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a very precarious situation for all the businesses, regardless of the industry they function in. However, a lot of companies are coping and coming up with different techniques to fight COVID-19. Efforts are being made to be able to continue being functional while ensuring the well-being of the staff and the society in general.

     According to the nature of their work and the industry that they are in, some companies during COVID-19, have taken some bold initiatives. Some companies have taken measures which can help their employees and service providers have taken measures to make the work easy for others.

     Here is a list of the top companies who have taken outstanding efforts to bring things back to normality while fighting with COVID-19:

Within the Organisation:

1] Google

companies during COVID-19

     Since 12th March 2020, Google has asked all their employees in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East to work from home until 10th April 2020. They also stated that they have been developing funds for their sick workers who aren’t able to work as they are infected by the Corona Virus. They also stated that they will be compensating employees who are affected by reduced office hours. For instance, the cafe workers would be paid the compensation for all the hours they would have worked if there was no Coronavirus disruption.

     Additionally, Google has also cancelled its biggest annual event, which is the Annual Developer Conference Google I/O. This event was supposed to happen in mid-May, but that has been cancelled for now.

2] Amazon

companies during COVID-19

     Amazon has asked all their employees around the world to work remotely if their jobs allow. They have stated that they are continuously working with medical experts and taking the right precautions as and when needed. Additionally, Amazon is continuing to pay the workers who work on an hourly basis – which includes more than 10,000 food service, janitorial, security and other staff in its Washington office. They are also offering extra paid time off to the employees who have contracted the virus.

     To top all this, Amazon has announced that it will be subsidising the rent for a month for Seattle and Bellevue area’s small businesses which operate inside their buildings. Also, as a responsible company during COVID-19, Amazon has created a $5 million relief fund for local small businesses who are affected by the outbreak.

3] Twitter

companies during COVID-19

     Twitter made it mandatory for all their employees globally to work from home. Also, Twitter has closed its San Francisco office after an employee showed symptoms consistent with Corona virus.

     Twitter has also mentioned that they have planned to pay the labour costs for regular working hours to the hourly workers and contractors. They have plans to pay those workers who are not able to do their jobs from home for as long as the remote working policy is on.

     Twitter is also providing reimbursement to the parents for the extra day-care expenses, which will be caused as a result of the outbreak, as well as for home office set up expenses.

Free offers from organisations and common public:

1] Microsoft

companies during COVID-19

     Microsoft has started offering a free trial of its premium plan for their Teams chat app. This trial permits the users to record the meetings and use 1 TB of storage, which is not available on the standard free version. Microsoft has made this premium trial available for six months.

2] Google

     As Google’s initiative, they have allowed free access to the enterprise version of Hangouts Meet. They will be giving this to all the G Suite and G Suite for Education users. With this plan, up to 250 users can join one call, record meetings, and Livestream for up to 100,000 viewers until 1st July 2020.

3] LogMeIn

     LogMeIn has been making ‘Emergency Remote Work Kits’ available free of cost for three months. The company has also said that they will work on providing the same kits to the existing small-business customers.

     The free kits include GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar – where users can host presentations for up to 3,000 users and LogMeIn, which provides Remote Desktop access from multiple devices.

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