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SAP MaxDB Recovery Kit - SIOS Protection for Linux

SAP MaxDB Recovery Kit

SAP MaxDB is an open-source, platform-independent, SQL-based database system provided by SAP for enterprises. This database can support SAP and non-SAP applications and is highly scalable. Initially owned by SAP the database has now been released to the Open Source community. The database development started in 1977 as an investigation project at the Technical University of Berlin headed by Rudolf Munz. The SAP DB / SAP MaxDB Recovery Kit supports fault-resilient protection for SAP DB databases in the SIOS Protection Suite for the Linux environment.

MaxDB consists of a set of administration and development tools. Usually, these tools are available with both a GUI and command-line interface (CLI). MaxDB has a license under the GNU General Public License (GPL) from versions 7.2 through 7.6. Programming interfaces were licensed under the GPL with exceptions for projects released under other open-source licenses.

SPS for Linux SAP MaxDB Recovery Kit


SAP MaxDB Recovery Kit


The SIOS Protection Suite for Linux SAP DB / SAP MaxDB Recovery Kit supports a mechanism for protecting SAP DB instances. The SAP DB software, SPS Core, and SAP DB / SAP MaxDB Recovery Kit are installed on multiple servers in a cluster.

Once the SAP DB database occurrence is under SIOS Protection Suite Protection, users connect to the database using an IP address protected by the SIOS Protection Suite. This IP address must build separately, and dependency must make manually between the parent SAP DB resource instance and the child IP address resource. In the case that the SAP DB server fails, the SPS will first attempt to recover it on the local server. If the local recovery fails, then the SPS will failover to a backup server.

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