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SAP Recovery Kit - SPS for Linux SAP Recovery Kit l Open Minds HAS

SAP Recovery Kit

In the age of advancing technologies, businesses are opting to use more and more secure and modern technologies and software on a day-to-day basis. Every company intends to make use of a technology that can make its operations smooth and efficient. With the vast variety of available options, choosing the perfect operating system for your business is crucial.

At present, there are five operating systems which are extensively used around the world. These systems are Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Google’s Android iOS, Apple macOS, and Linux operating system. Out of all these, Linux is a widely preferred operating system for business use. The main advantage of Linux is that it is an open-source operating system, i.e., its source code is readily available for everyone. Linux helps to utilise your outdated computer systems as a firewall, router, backup server or file server, and many more. Thus, Linux provides various customised features to the user.

SPS for Linux SAP Recovery Kit

SAP Recovery Kit

The SIOS Protection Suite for Linux SAP Recovery Kit provides an efficient recovery mechanism. It helps to recover SAP NetWeaver from a failed primary server onto a backup server in a LifeKeeper environment. The SAP Recovery Kit functions in association with other SIOS Protection Suite Recovery Kits (the IP Recovery Kit, NFS Server Recovery Kit, NAS Recovery Kit, and a database recovery kit, e.g., Oracle Recovery Kit) to provide complete failover protection.

The SAP Recovery Kit supports monitoring and switchover for different SAP instances. It works in alliance with a suitable database recovery kit to protect the database. It also works with the Network File System (NFS) Server Recovery Kit to protect the NFS mounts. Each recovery kit displays the health of the application under protection. It is also capable of stopping and restarting the application both locally and on another cluster server. Additionally, the kit supports the ability to protect, at various levels, the additional pieces of the SAP infrastructure.

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