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SIOS Clustering Solutions - Multi-Platform SIOS for your Organisation

SIOS Clustering Solutions – Multi-Platform SIOS Solutions

SIOS Clustering Solutions provide great flexibility for creating High Availability Clusters in the cloud, physical or virtual environments. Let us see how these solutions can help your firm in ensuring that your IT infrastructure works smoothly.


SIOS Clustering Solutions – Its advantages


SIOS Clustering Solutions


1] Eliminates the need to learn a New Availability Solution for every environment you manage:

SIOS Clustering solutions stand out totally when it comes to the variety of applications, operating systems and infrastructure environment. Therefore, it is a single solution for handling all your high availability needs. SIOS software safeguards applications like SAP and databases like SQL Server, Oracle and many others. All these software functions based on SAN, Shared Storage Configurations or SAN-less or local data storage configurations. These solutions ensure High Availability and Disaster Recovery Protection for Windows or Linux applications, operating in any combination of physical, virtual, cloud or even hybrid cloud infrastructures.


In short, SIOS solutions are flexible and powerful availability solutions, which are easy to learn and applied across all of the environments mentioned above.


2] Provides a great deal of flexibility for High Availability and Disaster Protection:

SIOS Failover Cluster Software is simple-to-use, cost-efficient with high availability and disaster protection. This software can be used to construct a traditional shared storage cluster for high availability or a SIOS SAN-less cluster. This cluster will be making use of some local storage. SIOS Clustering Solutions synchronises storage by making use of real-time data (synchronous or asynchronous) data replication to provide availability and disaster protection. All of this is without incurring the costs or complexity of SAN-based replication. SAN-less software will allow you to configure a multi-node failover cluster which has nodes spread across multiple geographical locations. This cluster will safeguard your data against local, regional and national disaster. The reason behind this is that the software supports data replication over a LAN or WAN to multiple targets.


One can create clusters between virtual servers, physical servers or even the cloud. It is also possible to add the SIOS software to SAN-based clusters and remotely add in new clusters. Also, SIOS software can be added to physical servers and make use of either low-cost local storage or high-speed PC, i.e. flash storage to protect your most critical applications. You, as the firm, have the choice of selecting between Multi-node or Multi-site or Region and try to mix and match your environment.


3] Simple & Budget-friendly Disaster Recovery Protection along with Multi-Site Failover Clusters:

SIOS Clustering Solutions provide you with enough flexibility to replicate in between the configurations of your choice – i.e. between SAN and SAN-less environment or any other combination of virtual, physical or cloud configurations. If you wish to provide a real-time, efficient, block-level replication and disaster protection for the applications which are extremely important for your business. SIOS software enables the failover of applications across geographic locations and zones with cloud availability or regions to provide local, regional and site-wide disaster protection. There is no vendor lock-in or need for identical hardware at the source and destination.


4] High Availability for Cloud Applications in AWS, Azure & Google Cloud:

While configuring HA clustering, SIOS cluster software eliminates the need for a shared storage (SAN). In this way, you can provide the highest level of availability protection for a wide variety of Windows & Linux applications and also databases such as SQL Server and SAP in the cloud, by making use of the same techniques of operation and management which is used by you on-premises.


If you wish to know more about SIOS Clustering Solutions, get in touch with us by clicking here.

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