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Every business has important information which needs to protect from getting destroyed or lost. Such data is usually stored in physical, cloud or hybrid storage servers. This data can be lost due to disasters such as server loss, power failure and many such happenings. Therefore, it is crucial to have very high-class protection for your data if you wish to keep it safe and sound for your business. SIOS DataKeeper for AWS can be of immense help for your business if you use AWS platform.


SAP-certified High Availability protection will be an excellent option for all your applications and data on the AWS. SIOS DataKeeper for AWS provides Sap-certified comprehensive expert protection for your applications and data on AWS. This includes high availability, data replication and disaster recovery in a very simple and cost-efficient solution. SIOS DataKeeper for AWS provides easy and flexible configuration, fast replication and comprehensive monitoring & protection of the entire SAP and SAP HANA environment. The Software even allows monitoring the health of the entire SAP and SAP HANA environment. It thus provides application-aware high availability to obtain maximum uptime.


SIOS Protection to SAP and SAP HANA Environments on AWS:


SIOS DataKeeper for AWS


SIOS clustering software helps in monitoring the health of the entire SAP or HANA environment. It also provides application-aware high availability to ensure maximum uptime along with real-time protection. SIOS DataKeeper for AWS Software carries out verification to make sure that SAP is running correctly. It even makes sure to replicate and make the data available. This provides industry-leading reliabilities and minimal recovery time from faults and failure.


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