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SIOS Protection Suite for Linux l High Availability Protection for Linux

Linux SIOS Protection Suite  


SIOS Protection Suite for Linux is a clustering solution which will help you to protect the essential applications & data of your business from downtime and disasters. It provides a very unique combination of High Availability Failover Clustering, continuous application monitoring, replication of data and recovery policies. The best thing about this software is that it can be configured. In addition, these factors significantly contribute to the protection of the firm’s essential data.


SIOS Protection Suite for Linux – How does it benefit the organisation


SIOS Protection Suite for Linux


SIOS Protection Suite is of great help to the businesses running on Linux operating systems. This software has the power to help your organisation to function smoothly. Here are a few ways in which it can benefit your organisation:


Flexible in configuring:

SIOS Protection Suite provides the flexibility to create SAN or SAN-less clusters of the company’s choice. These clusters can be made using the following wide range of storage devices like:

a] Direct Attached Storage

b] iSCSI

c] Fibre Channel and more

SIOS Protection Suite for Linux will take care of all your business continuity needs. Right from local High Availability within a single site or fast to efficient disaster recovery across multiple sites, everything will be taken care of.


Next Level Monitoring and Management:

SIOS Protection Suite can recover an application or a service both locally or onto a different cluster node. This cluster node can either be at the same site or an altogether different location. It also helps in monitoring the condition of the entire application environment, which includes:

a] The server

b] The storage

c] The Operating System

d] Network

e] Database

f] Application Software

It has a very wide range of storage architecture. It supports all the major Linux distributions like SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS & Oracle Linux.


Efficient Failover:

In the SIOS Protection Suite, there are three recovery actions which you have pre-selected, in case a problem is detected:

a] Attempts to restart the application on the same server.

b] Fails over to the standby server.

c] Quickly alerts a system administrator.

Thus, it minimises the downtime from system failures or even entire site outages. The software does this with complete recovery or failover quickly, automatically and effortlessly.


Replication of Data in Real-time:

SIOS Protection Suite keeps on providing synchronous or asynchronous replication of data from the disk on the primary server. This data is, then, sent to a different disc on one or more than one standby servers. Replication can be configured in two ways:

a] Within one single site. (LAN)

b] Across multiple data centres. (WAN)

SIOS Protection Suite creates and maintains an identical copy of the data which is on the standby servers. It does this with the help of real-time replication and thus helps in immediate recovery during a server failure. Also, creating multiple real-time copies through one-to-many replication is also possible.

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