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Tips for IT Teams to ensure Business Continuity after COVID-19

Tips for IT teams to ensure Business Continuity after COVID-19

Know how IT teams of businesses can ensure Business Continuity during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic. Ensuring Business Continuity after COVID-19 is really crucial to bring the business back on track.

COVID-19 Pandemic is one of the deadliest pandemics that the world has seen in the past century. With more than 1.3 million affected cases and over 75,000 deaths across the globe, COVID-19 is a severe concern for companies around the world.

Business Continuity after COVID-19

  Companies across the globe are taking necessary precautions to keep their business and employees safe. This pandemic has affected the work and social lives of people in an extraordinary way. Economies have been devastated, companies shut down and employees have been laid off – these are just a few challenges that have occurred as a consequence of this Pandemic.

  During this Pandemic, ensuring the safety of customers, partners, and employees is the top priority. Making sure that everyone related to the company does not face any kind of loss and the business gets back track at the earliest is vital.

Tips to ensure Business Continuity after COVID-19

Business Continuity after COVID-19

1] Implement an efficient High Availability/Disaster Recovery Plan

  The first step that every company should take regardless of their size and their industry is to implement an efficient High Availability/Disaster Recovery Plan. If you already have a DR plan and backups in place, test it. Run continuous drills to ensure that you can recover all your data with your team/part of the team in place. You also need to ensure that the job of data recovery can be easily done remotely.

  It is also necessary to evaluate and adjust your existing DR plan. Necessary changes should be made from time to time to reflect the existing usage patterns and the criticality of your services during an emergency. Determining which data centres are in high-risk regions is also crucial. Once those areas are known, Disaster Recovery Plans can be created for that specific region, allowing for the critical workloads in those data centres to be kept up and running.

2] Remote Work Access

  Having some of your critical operations moved on to the cloud while the data centre is still accessible would always be a good idea. If work from home conditions are made mandatory, just like during the COVID-19 outbreak, your employees would not be able to access your on-premise data centre. Having some of your operations on the cloud can help in continuing the operations and reducing significant downtime. This will help your business in deriving benefits from greater accessibility and flexibility that the cloud offers.

Along with this, make sure that you can meet the IT requirements of your remote workforce. SaaS collaboration and communication tools can be used, which will make the work easy for your remote workforce. Additionally, conducting a constant inspection of storage, bandwidth, and capacity needs. When you foresee the increase in the load on some business applications, scaling some resources to the cloud can prove to be easier and cheaper than purchasing new hardware. Therefore, scaling your storage needs and tracking your bandwidth capacity is also very important.

3] Cyber-security Considerations

  You should establish best practices while providing your remote employees with workstations and software tools. Regular employee guidance, such as constant OS updates and exercising caution while connecting to wireless networks to reduce risk. The employees should also be trained to work securely from home while avoiding security threats like phishing and malware. They should also be educated on using VPN endpoint security tools. Inspecting the processes for access management, system updates, and permissions can also prove to be very useful for the business.

How can Open Minds help?

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