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Watching our step - Protecting a cloud investment | Open Minds

Watching our step – Protecting a cloud investment

Wrapping our cloud investment up in cotton wool against a back-drop of economic uncertainty is worth the effort. With unparalleled ingestion of cloud investments among large and small businesses around the globe during the pandemic, cybersecurity has never been more important. But sadly, there can be room for complacency.

What are the threats?

Mismanagement of data under new circumstances has led to organisations unintentionally exposing sensitive data and allowing an opportune environment for scammers to thrive across the globe.

A big problem has been when organisations fall into a false sense of security believing that their company’s employees already have enough know-how of cyber-security to be able to protect their data. But do they?

The truth is a large percentage of some organisations’ skilled cloud specialists are unfamiliar with the full capabilities of cloud security and compliance.

Looking after the investment

Cloud architecture needs a continuous assessment to maintain a high level of security and avoid a lackadaisical overestimation of what the cloud does in terms of security and compliance. It has been revealed that 46% of SMEs and 43% of enterprise organisations in the UK believe the human error to be their biggest vulnerability. Again, steered into thinking that skilled workers have the full knowledge required.

Fortunately, many organisations are making cyber-security their number one priority with the help of cloud partners. They can offer more reassurance and allow businesses to focus on longer-term targets even during a crisis as large as this one.

Particularly this is of use when it comes to having the expertise to navigate through a complex architecture and being able to increase protection of essential applications.

Partners such as Open Minds have the tools and expertise to protect cloud environments continuously without interruption and business-critical applications can be run in safety.

Open Minds uses SIOS technology which can move essential applications to a high availability environment ensuring a continuously monitored protection for both Windows and Linux applications. For example, the SIOS Protection Suite will protect SAP applications and data with the help of SAP-certified protection along with data replication and disaster recovery. This is, of course, with the addition of high availability.

SIOS easy-to-use solution provides continuous monitoring of servers, storage, applications, databases, and network connections to detect points of failure, reduce downtime, maintain client connectivity, and provide uninterrupted data access.

Yes, it’s always shrewd to protect any cloud investment now so that a business doesn’t crumble under the ultimate stress tests that may lie ahead.

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