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BMS Automation - What is a BMS system

What is a BMS system?

A Building Management System (BMS), is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that control and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment. This automatic and electrical equipment are ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems. A BMS system consists of software and hardware; the software program, usually configured hierarchically. We can make proprietary, using protocols as C-Bus, Profibus, and so on. Many representatives are also implementing a BMS which integrates the use of IPs and open standards such as DeviceNet, SOAP, XML, etc.

BMS system

BMS is the most commonly implemented large project with extensive mechanical, electrical systems and HVAC. When Systems are linked to a BMS typically, then it represents 40% of a building’s energy usage. If the lighting included, then this number approaches 70%. BMS systems are reproving ingredients for managing energy demand. BMS systems are linked to access control or other security systems such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) and motion detectors.

  Building management systems have also included disaster-response systems to save structures from earthquakes. Recently, companies and governments have been working to find similar solutions for coastal areas and flood zones at-risk to rising sea-levels.

Benefits of a BMS System

BMS system

There are many benefits which exist when a BMS is installed in a building; some of them are:

  • There is a possibility of individual room control through BMS.
  • It reduces service costs through increased staff productivity.
  • It reduces operating costs through energy optimisation across sub-systems and minimising maintenance spend.
  • It builds tenant Safety and Security into your building.
  • It gives an effective response to HVAC-related complaints.

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