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Wholesale Distribution l Redundancy in Wholesale Distribution Systems

Redundancy in the Wholesale Distribution System

Redundancy is the process of increasing the reliability of a system by duplicating the critical functions of the system.It helps in improving the actual performance of the system, for example, establishing a backup option in the order.

As we know, today’s business world is directly linked to IT capabilities. Modern Data Center Planning and Evaluation is crucial for any technology platform to function. This is because the organisations have to align their strategic goals around what their data centre can deliver. Many factors need to be taken into consideration when it comes to data centres. For instance, Power Availability, Scalability, and Visibility can be considered to be the Key Decision Criteria Areas. Therefore, the search for a colocation provider should be to attain the right partner.

Wholesale Distribution – Delivery Models


Wholesale Distribution


To allocate the infrastructure to wholesale distribution for customers, there are primarily two delivery models. One of the two is Dedicated Infrastructure. In the Dedicated Infrastructure model, a fixed infrastructure is provided to the customer. This infrastructure will be very much isolated from other such customers and therefore comes with a higher price. This is because of the capacity management challenges and leads to lesser availability because of the scarcity of fault domains.

On the contrary, the client, in a Shared Infrastructure collocation design, is allocated only a small part of the total Infrastructure from the facility. Usually, the elements which are shared are oversubscribed, which makes the shared facilities expensive and more prone to risk.

The third available option is called the Distributed Infrastructure Delivery Mode. It has the benefits of both the Shared and Dedicated models and therefore, provides 100%  availability. This is one of the best options if you are on the hunt for Data Storage facilities.

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