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Impact of Zoom's Data Breach on Zoom and other companies using Zoom

Impact of Zoom’s Data Breach

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the entire world. More than 1.5 million people have been affected until date, and the numbers are increasing at an alarming rate. Businesses and people – both have been affected as a result of the pandemic.

Businesses are suffering huge losses, which has affected the global economy as well. A lot of companies have implemented work from home policies for all the employees to ensure social distancing and safety of their staff. All the work, including meetings, presentations and other planning are carried out digitally with the help of various Video Conferencing software. One of the most commonly used software for Video Conferencing is Zoom.

Zoom – The Tragedy

Zoom is an ultra-modern, efficient and high-tech company providing modern enterprise communication facilities for video and audio conferencing. Today, with the quarantine measures in place, Zoom has more than 150 million daily users on an average. People are using Zoom for all purposes – right from Business Conferences to even Educational Purposes. However, recently something terrible happened, which is very shocking for all the Zoom users.

On 30th March 2020, one Zoom user filed a class-action lawsuit against Zoom. In the lawsuit, he had accused the company of not safeguarding the personal data of their customers and passing on the information to third party websites like Facebook. Additionally, there was no mention that Zoom will be sharing this data with any third party companies, which means that they have misused the personal information of their customers.

This news came out as a shock to many people across the world. Zoom’s Data Breach made the sensitive data from confidential business conferences to other business meetings and educational sessions available for various third party organisations. However, this news of Data Leak has severely impacted the business and the trust of the customers.

Impact of the Zoom’s Data Breach

Zoom's Data Breach

Loss of Goodwill and Trust

With this incident becoming more and more public, people are losing their faith in the application now. Many businesses have decided to stop using Zoom and have already switched or are finding an alternative to switch to from Zoom. They feel that the confidential meetings no longer remain confidential with an unknown random person eavesdropping on these calls.

Legal Issues

With the lawsuit filed against Zoom, the company might have to suffer considerable losses to get out of the lawsuit. Thus, the company has to bear heavy losses as a result of their data piracy act.

Personal Data and Information at stake

The amount of data that has been leaked stays undisclosed, but the numbers are staggering. With such a vast amount of personal and sensitive information of the people on the internet, the data security and privacy of the users who have been using Zoom in the past are also at stake. Zoom already was facing the issue of Zoom Bombing, wherein trolls randomly dropped into video and audio calls. These trolls, then, used to share graphic or upsetting images, which affected the user experience of Zoom.

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