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Making Linux High Availability Clusters Easy to Configure and Easy to Own

Improve productivity of your organisation by providing high availability environment to your Linux based business critical applications. Make use of our SIOS Protection Suite for Linux and say goodbye to unnecessary down times and disasters. Set a method for quick disaster recovery and give your organisation the benefit of an efficient fail over cluster manager

SIOS Protection Suite for Linux Cluster software gives you an ample amount of configuration flexibility by letting you choose industry-standard hardware and software of your choice. Along with high availability, the SIOS Linux cluster solution provides failover clustering, continuous application monitoring and configurable recovery policies. It also extends a feature of data replication, for easy recovery of data in case of data loss.

SIOS Linux Protection Suite software is quick to configure as it provides an intuitive setup wizard. It also provides out of the box protection for SAP, Oracle and other business-critical applications. With the help of this software, you can create SANless cluster which only uses local storage, delivering cluster protection in a cloud, a virtual environment and a high-performance SSD storage. For conditions where you wish to avoid shared storage, you can use a hybrid environment

Benefits of SIOS Protection Suite for Linux Cluster

The software facilitates quick creation of a high availability Linux cluster easily. Along with configuration flexibility, it also offers real-time replication, fail over and continuous application monitoring. Let’s see them all one by one.

  • Failover Cluster Manager One of the most essential features offered by the software is quick recovery or fail over. Moreover, the entire process is automatic which conclusively reduces downtime due to system failures or complete site outages substantially. It does block-level data replication for efficient and quick protection from disaster.
  • Real-time replication The SIOS Protection Suite for Linux provides continuous synchronous or asynchronous replication from a disk on the primary server or more standby servers. Configuration for within a single site (LAN) or across multiple data centers (WAN) can easily be set.
  • E SAN or SAN less Configuration Flexibility Using a wide variety of storage devices inclusive of direct attached storage, iSCSI, Fiber Channel and others you can configure SAN or SAN less clusters.
  • Application stack monitoring You can easily recover any application or service either locally or on another cluster node. It can either be at the same location or geographically distinct. The SIOS Protection Linux software supports all major distributors of Linux including SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Oracle Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cent OS and also works swiftly with a wide array of storage architecture.

Linux Application protection

Run your business-critical applications on both cloud and hybrid cloud flexible and scalable environment. It supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google cloud platform while providing high availability and disaster protection without affecting performance. You can do a complete creation of configured and operational Linux high availability cluster within a few steps using the SIOS Protection Suite Quickstart on AWS.

SAP-certified protection of SAP applications and Data

With the help of the SIOS Protection Suite for Linux, you can protect SAP and other application databases in the physical or cloud-based infrastructure. The software provides high availability, disaster recovery and data replication in a way that it can operate on-premises, cloud or in the hybrid cloud configuration. It is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways of protecting databases.


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