In 2001 Open Minds became the UK distributor of SIOS (formally Steel Eye) technologies, providing their high availability solutions to a wide spectrum of sectors. Over the years we have worked with our customers providing them with a complete sales process, while also providing pre and post-sales support, advise and professional services.

In 2002 we were approached by a large global company that was in search of high availability for their business-critical application, at this point there was no means for them to protect their application against down time. This led to the development of the Open Minds HAS kit, which allows any application to be protected by high availability even if it is not cluster aware. Since its development, the solution has been given the seal of approval and is now the recommended solution within the organisation. Today the Open Minds HAS kit is used globally by many organisations to help protect their applications with High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

In 2011 we realized the need for an automated, deeper level monitoring and alerting tool for the high availability solution, this led to the development of our monitoring solution. This solution enabled our customers to monitor not only the SIOS products, but the entire networks devices within the organisation, while providing a dashboard and notifications to the administration users.