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Cloud-based IT infrastructure

Moving to a cloud-based IT infrastructure is proving to be a smart decision for many businesses. The benefits are so comforting on various fronts that it has now turned into a trend. New-age IT practices are planned on various factors like cost, scalability, adaptability and fail-proof. Typical servers need refreshing every three years. It would incur the cost of employing and maintaining Infrastructure architects and managers. When this cost is calculated for huge organisations with typical servers, the cost would be massive. With the advancement in technology of improvement in cloud-based servers, shifting to it became an obvious choice for companies.

While it is becoming inevitable for businesses to shift to cloud-based servers, it has to be carried out in a way to not incur any financial loss. The process of transition to cloud-based servers may lead to downtime if the process is not planned appropriately. One of the major parts of moving to a cloud platform is the migration of data from the current (physical/virtual) infrastructure to the chosen cloud platform. With the help of proper planning, this downtime can be minimised or completely ruled out thus causing no loss to productivity.

With the help of our trusted migration based DataKeeper technology, you can simply migrate Microsoft Windows servers and Linux servers to cloud-based servers. Our award-winning technology is utilised by many businesses worldwide. The result of our solution can easily be seen by increased uptime resulting in no loss of business. DataKeeper Technology is designed by keeping in mind various factors like affordability, efficiency and effectiveness. We have considered various scales of businesses while curation of our solution.

Apart from the migration of data in the cloud, we can also help in migrating data between physical, virtual, data centre or cloud. Thus proving to be your ultimate solution provider for your secured data migration. The best part about our technology is that you can perform a full-fledged test before finally switching over. This will help you understand various factors and be comfortable without expecting any undesirable outcomes. The migration of data can easily be carried out without downtime which will not only save money but also keep all the internal and external server-based processes unaffected. It also completely avoids hours of manual labour thus proving to be the best solution for your business.

Being a single interface makes our solution better. Easy scalability is another factor that can be beneficial in many ways. Businesses these days consider scalability as an important factor while considering various options in the arena of IT infrastructure. We have designed our solution to provide easy scalability which will not only solve your problem right now but also for the future. Our DataKeeper technology can help you save a substantial amount of time while migrating data. Important features like no downtime, being a single interface and easy scalability makes our solution an obvious choice for various businesses.