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Recover | Open Minds


Our recovery solution is simply the protection solutions natural next step. After replicating your critical systems you now have full data protection. In a situation where you may need to failover (disaster or test) to the second server.

The solution allows you to do this easily with two options:

  1. Automatic – this is an option which really should only be used for clusters sitting on the same site as it would rule out any connection outages and only failover during server outages.
  2. Customer intervention – this is the default setting and means you can failover and the push of a button, this can be used across different sites on on the same site.

Some of the benefits of using our solution are:

  • Push-button failover helps you keep critical systems online during an outage.
  • Ensures the entire application environment – server, storage, OS, Network and application are fully operational.
  • Flexible recovery of either a service or application either locally or on another site.
  • WAN optimisation for high performance.
  • Any- to- Any environment replication and protection.