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To answer the question above, it only seems logical to briefly outline the undefined, less organised structures and then compare […]
Taking on the challenge of High Availability (HA), whether on-premise or in the cloud can be a complex process where […]
Migrating business-critical applications to the cloud needs planning in advance if you are to ensure your applications remain highly available. […]
“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design” so said Doctor Ralf […]
To put it simply, a “workflow” is how you get work done. It’s a series of tasks you need to complete in order to reach some repeatable business goal. in this blog, we look at how workflow tools work and how you can pick the right one for your business.
It is vital that companies fully understand their weaknesses when it comes to downtime and reliability. We know that most datacentres provide Availability, but what about at the Edge?
Scrabble letters displaying the word data
There are buzzwords that actually convey an idea, a concept or a valid technology, but there are also those that confuse, distort and empower those who don’t want you to know what they’re talking about. So, looking at 2020, what are some of the buzzwords people are using and what are their true definitions?
Can we increase availability and reduce any downtime? Perhaps this is an issue facing us right now. After all, we need IT infrastructure that we can count on when facing such problems as network outages, equipment failure or power issues. Read on to see our recommendations.
The future of Datacentres
I thought water and electricity just do not mix too well. I was wrong, believe it or not, servers on land are more prone to breakdown than servers in water-tight pods on the ocean floor. With fewer server breakdowns and replacement parts needed, these underwater datacentres can be resurfaced once every five years or so…very cost-effective. Read on to find out more...