We support our customers in many ways..


Our technical team are more than willing to learn the ins and outs of your solution and pass this knowledge on by means of in-depth technical training.

From our office in the West Midlands we can provide training for individuals or small groups that is specific to your solution. Utilising the latest technologies, we can deliver a hands-on learning environment, documentation and continued support to provide a real value-added solution.

Professional Services

Our professional services are like no other, we do not work to set time limits, we provide commitment to exceed the customers’ needs and expectations. We cover all forms of services including installation and configuration, health checks and out of hours support. These services include but are not limited to installation and configuration, out of hours support, health checks, and system migrations.

Technical Support

In need of support for your solution? We can provide our knowledge and experience to support our/your customers whenever they are in need. Our current team has over 80 years of experience between them, with skills coving a broad spectrum of technologies within the ICT sector. We are more than willing to learn about your solution, this enables us to provide advise throughout the sales process and to support the customer with installation and ongoing technical support.