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The future of DataCentres – Underwater!

I thought water and electricity just do not mix too well. I was wrong, believe it or not, servers on land are more prone to breakdown than servers in water-tight pods on the ocean floor. With fewer server breakdowns and replacement parts needed, these underwater datacentres can be resurfaced once every five years or so…very cost-effective. Read on to find out more...

7 Devastating Cloud Computing Mistakes - You Need to Avoid

“Through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault,” says Jay Heiser, research vice president at Gartner. If you want to avoid being in that group, then read on and note the ‘seven devastating cloud computing mistakes’ to avoid:

Six Common Cloud Migration Challenges

Let’s face reality, IT architectures are complicated enough without considering the vast challenges that a migration to the cloud can bring. It’s a valid concern as this can bring challenges that could eventually affect how we deliver to clients. But – although there are obstacles – ‘no pain, no gain!’ So let’s highlight six common cloud migration challenges that will need to be planned for in good time.

Combining High Availability and Backup

Meeting service level objectives through multiple high availability (HA), disaster recovery and backup options may seem like an ominous task, especially trying to leverage the cloud to quickly recover from system failures without needing to resort to costly and potentially disruptive hardware-based alternatives. Let us consider how understanding the fundamentals of ‘backup’ and HA cluster environments may lessen our worry when it comes to risk management.

Microsoft SQL High Availability in a Linux Cluster

Continually maintaining high availability (HA) when running business-critical data is challenging, to say the least. But maintaining HA with Microsoft SQL Server in a Linux environment poses even more challenges, generating a need for a simpler approach to maintenance without jeopardising the safety and performance of an organisation.

The Write Stuff – Technical Communication – Part One

If we don’t understand our audience - the knowledge they already possess, what jobs they perform, our document will be thrown out of the window pretty quickly. So, interviewing our intended users would be a good start. Getting feedback on the previous online help we created would also be a step forward in getting into the minds of our readers.

Data Migration - Essential Planning

Moving business-critical data and applications to the cloud quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively is a major commitment and needs plenty of time to carefully plan to avoid that failure. With more organisations executing a full-scale data migration to the cloud, the following points prompt us to think carefully about our own migration plan so we can prepare to succeed.

Watching our step - Protecting a cloud investment

Wrapping our cloud investment up in cotton wool against a back-drop of economic uncertainty is worth the effort. With unparalleled ingestion of cloud investments among large and small businesses around the globe during the pandemic, cybersecurity has never been more important.